For those who’ve never tried acupuncture I’ll admit I was just like you only a few short months ago. I have had sciatica pain and fibromyalgia for 3 years and was finally willing to try other things because physio was not helping me any more. Since I started acupuncture I am getting deep sleeps at night and I feel rested when I wake up. My pain levels are about half of what they were when I first came in. All the skeptics out there check acupuncture out! Dr. Ryan will explain it all to you anyway so u will feel 10 times less nervous. It actually is PAIN FREE by the way… I had built it up in my head to be painful!

M. Debeyer

I am really impressed with the service I received here, Dr. Broddick has no attitude, really seems to care about my health and takes the time to explain everything to me. He takes a gentle hands-on approach and has tons of options for all my aches and pains. So glad he is in Ayr, keep up the good work!

J. Mosdell

Hi. I just wanted to thank Dr Broddick for helping get me out of pain and being there for me from start to finish. Its not easy finding great health care workers out there and Dr. B is a gem.

Val Wesley

This is a hidden gem in downtown Ayr. I originally came in for acupuncture as I heard it can help with my sciatica (and it has). I work at Toyota and found out I have coverage for orthotics and chiropractic too so I have been taking full advantage and find I’m more relaxed and out of pain. Dr Ryan used laser therapy on my shoulder 3 times and I’m not getting that tingly feeling in my hand anymore. He’s a great chiropractor.


I had a work accident and was treated by Dr. Broddick through WSIB. He was very patient with all the phone calls back and forth – gave me extra time and helped me go back to work feeling good. Definitely deserves me taking the time to give him a review – such a caring person.

H. Roberts

I never give reviews for businesses but couldn’t resist in this case as Dr Broddick is fantastic and has really helped me with a variety of aches and pains I have struggled with for years. Thank you for being so compassionate.

Kelly Medeiros

Got my compression hosiery here and my husband just picked up a pair of orthotics for his shoes. I like the quality of them and it saves me a trip to Cambridge (where we used to go). Its nice to have this clinic right around the corner from us in Ayr – I can walk there.

R. Goulding

Our Google Reviews

Dave Frieday
Dave Frieday
13:48 09 Feb 17
Mark Demers has been helping me monthly to maintain my back and the results have been great. Mark always is friendly and professional! Knows his stuff!
Michel C
Michel C
14:03 26 Sep 16
Fixed my Sciatica with 2 treatments and my vertigo with a single treatment!!! Absolutely incredible customer care from the very first phone call. The secretary is warm and friendly and both chiropractors REALLY know their stuff. Positively TOP NOTCH!!!
joseph steyr
joseph steyr
22:20 24 Mar 15
I have been having ongoing back pain for a long time and a friend recommended the clinic. After I started to go things quickly got better, and with continue visits and the suggested exercises I do at home I am now pain free. I still go in for regular maintenance but feel like I have my life back. the back pain was really stopping me, I couldn't even sit in the car for more than 20min. I would recommend the clinic to everyone.
Maja Edgar
Maja Edgar
00:15 08 Jan 15
A few months ago I had really bad low back pain. When I went for my treatment at this clinic, I was surprised that I was able to get acupuncture as well as cold laser in addition to an adjustment and all in one place! It made treatment so much more effective and longer lasting. It is also a very inviting atmosphere in the clinic.
Default Name
Default Name
15:33 10 Mar 14
What a wonderful warm, welcoming, professional and clean office, located in the cutest small town. Not to mention that my pain was instantly relieved when I came to see Dr. Broddick for an acupuncture treatment. I was always afraid of needles and he made the experience comfortable. The best part is, my pain is gone! I will refer this clinic to anyone having any sort of pain, in need of an adjustment or acupuncture. Thanks Dr. Broddick!
Brad Dawson
Brad Dawson
17:10 09 Feb 14
Hurt my lower back shoveling snow... again... Went to see Ryan and he's getting me back on track to feeling great. Appreciate the tips that he gives me so that I don't do this again. Love the clinic, very clean, friendly and professional.

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